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Dental specialist consultation 50 zł
Dental implant consultation 100 zł


Scaling and fluoride application 130 zł
Scaling and sandblasting 180 zł
Sandblasting and fluoride application 150 zł
Closed curretage 200 zł
Stabilisation of loose teeth using a splinting system 300 zł
Fluoride application (1 tooth) 10 zł
Fluoride application – permanent teeth (both arches) 80 zł
Fluoride application – primary teeth 50 zł
Fissure sealing (per each tooth) 40 zł
Dental jewellery (fixation) 110 zł


Dead tooth whitening – per each appointment 50 zł
Teeth whitening – both maxillary and mandibular arch (with trays ) 700 zł
Extra syringes (tray whitening) 70 zł
“Opalescence X-Boost” whitening system 800 zł
“Opalescence X-Boost” booster whitening 200 zł


Healing dressing 50 zł
Composite filling 1 surface 130 zł
Composite filling 2 surfaces 150 zł
Composite filling 3 surfaces 170 zł
Tooth restoration using a post crown (+ post price) 250 zł
Composite veneer 250 zł
Fuji glass ionomer filling 90 zł
Fuji glass ionomer primary tooth filling 80 zł
Twinky Star coloured primary tooth filling 80 zł


Coronal pulp devitalisation 50 zł
Dead primary/permanent tooth chamber trepanation 50 zł
Root canal treatment – single-root tooth 200 zł
Root canal treatment – two-root tooth 250 zł
Root canal treatment – three-root tooth 300 zł
Extra root canal filling 50 zł
Repeat unblocking of the root canal (per each root) 50 zł
Intracanal healing dressing (e.g.Biopulp) 20 zł
Perforation treatment (using PRO-ROOT MTA) 110 zł


Removal of a primary tooth 50 zł
Removal of single-root or loosened tooth 110 zł
Removal of multi-root tooth 150 zł
Surgical extraction (prying/drilling) 190 zł
Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth 250 – 350 zł
Root tip resection 500 zł
Hemisection, radectomy 250 zł
Suturing of the wound after extraction 50 zł
Abscess incision and drainage 50 zł
Removal of sutures after extraction done at another dental office 50 zł
Sinus floor lifting 2000 zł


Implant placement 3500 zł
Implant crown 2300 – 2500 zł
Crown in a bridge seated on an implant (a section) 1200 zł



Complete acrylic denture (upper or lower) 800 zł
Partial acrylic denture (upper or lower) 800 zł
Partial frame denture 1300 zł
Claspless frame denture (advanced standard) 1500 zł
Nylon denture (flexible) 1300 zł
Denture lining 200 zł
Positioning of the tooth in denture (1 tooth) 100 zł
Denture reinforcing mesh 120 zł
Attachments, retainers, latches 700 zł


Cast post crown 350 – 400 zł
Glass fiber post crown 250 zł
Maillefer post crown 200 zł
Temporary crown 50 zł
Porcelain fused to metal crown 800 zł
Porcelain fused to gold crown 800 zł + koszt złota
Porcelain fused to platinum crown 800 zł + koszt platyny
Full ceramic crown (Zirconia) 1300 zł
Porcelain implant crown 2000 – 2200 zł
Crown in a bridge seated on an implant (a section) 1200 zł
Porcelain veneer 1100 zł
Glass support 1300 zł
Crown cementation (one spot) 100 zł
Tooth x-ray – only for Ars Dentana patients bezpłatnie


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