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Conservative dentistry is the most popular branch of dental medicine whose primary objective is treating caries. Dental caries, if left untreated, may lead to dentinal infections manifested as acute pain, tooth stains and darkening, and may destroy the tooth core, which may ultimately result in necrosis of the pulp tissue. This may become a hidden source of infections whose effects often extend systematically.

Our conservative dental services include:

  • light cured composite resin fillings (CHARISMA,GRADIA,FILTEK, ENAMEL plus)
  • light cured glass ionomer cements (FUJI II LC, VII, IX GP and the most advanced FUJI EQUIA)
  • restoration of the core with post crowns (metal: RADIX – ANKER MAILLEFER, glass fiber: ENA-POST)

Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry deals with restoration of damaged tissue to suit the natural shape, colour and surface structure of a tooth. We work using the suitably equipped laboratory and highest quality filling materials which provide an opportunity to restore a natural look and beauty of the teeth.

We strongly recommend an “OPALESCENCE X-BOOST” tooth whitening system. As it has neutral pH (7.0) and high oxidising activity, it has been proven to be safe and effective, with no adverse effects to enamel and periodontium.

Our cosmetic dental services include:

  • front teeth restoration;
  • improvement of teeth appearance and shape, for example diastema closure;
  • covering the teeth with light cured composite resins (CHARISMA, GRADIA, ENAMEL plus);
  • porcelain veneers;
  • at-home tray teeth whitening method using a non-invasive and safe OPALESCENCE whitening agent;
  • in-the-office teeth whitening using the most advanced “OPALESCENCE X-BOOST” whitening system;
  • dead front teeth whitening using an OPALESCENCE ENDO method giving long-term cosmetic results;
  • bonding dental jewellery (gold, silver, platinum Swarovski crystals).

Children are the most demanding and most sensitive patients. They react briskly to any kind of stimuli, either physical or psychical. Dental treatment does not need to be associated with anxiety, pain and discomfort. Dentists and dental staff must use good methods to communicate with the child and build trust. This will reduce, or banish, the fear of going to the dentist in future.

We trust that you will find the environment of our offices child-oriented and our professional staff child-friendly.

Our paediatric dental services include:

  • teaching children proper tooth brushing;
  • impregnation of deciduous teeth;
  • fissure sealing on permanent teeth;
  • applying fluoride varnish;
  • treatment of deciduous tooth decay;
  • light cured glass ionomer fillings;
  • light cured composite resin fillings; (coloured TWINKY STAR compomers);
  • painless extraction of deciduous teeth.

Endodontics isa dental conservative specialty of particular importance. Advanced new technologies and currently developing techniques allow effective treatment of teeth that could not have been saved in the past. Our knowledge acquired in many trainings and conferences backed by vast experience and the latest and most cutting-edge equipment allow us to diagnose and treat even the most difficult cases.

Our endodontic dental services include:

  • curing the pulp infections,
  • curing the purulent pulpitis, gangrenous inflammations or necrotic pulp,
  • curing the inflammatory periapical cysts and lesions.

Endodontic procedures are rendered as a part of conservative treatment or in order to prepare a tooth for prosthetic management.

Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with preventing and treating of periodontal, gum and mucous membrane diseases. A build-up of plaque and tartar (calculus) is a serious problem in many patients.
A real problem develops as plaque and calculus spread to involve the gingiva or into the bone – this may destroy bone and soft tissue that hold teeth in place. The teeth eventually loosen and are lost, or require extraction. To avoid advancement of a periodontal disease, patient should immediately seek specialist dental help and care.

Ars Dentana professionals make use of the most advanced equipment and sophisticated techniques backed by skills and up-to-date knowledge to ensure excellent results in treating the most difficult periodontal diseases and make our patients enjoy healthy and beautiful smile.

Our periodontal services include:

  • professional oral hygiene programme and enamel restoration:
  • plaque removal (sandblasting);
  • ultrasound scaling;
  • closed curretage;
  • application of recaldent and fluoride preparation (so called “liquid enamel”);
  • stabilisation of loose teeth using a glass fiber splinting systems;
  • microsurgical procedures to restore lost bone tissue;
  • professional advice about the best techniques for teeth cleaning and choice of instruments and agents (toothbrushes, pastes, oral rinsing agents, dental floss, electrical brushes, irrigators).

Prosthodontics, or dental prosthetics, encompassing the latest branch of implant prosthetics, deals with restoration of damaged teeth and replacement of missing teeth. Long-term maxillary lateral tooth loss may have enormous adverse effects including erosion of front teeth, irreversible changes of temporomandibular joints, loss of the alveolar ridges, which ultimately may change the facial appearance. No teeth can also cause headaches and recurrent lesions in the gastrointestinal tract.

In Ars Dentana we cooperate with highly experienced professionals to offer our patients high standard prosthetic services.

Our prosthodontics and implant prosthetics services include:

  • porcelain crowns and bridges placed on titanium, metal, gold or platinum fixtures;
  • ceramic crowns or veneers made of Zirconia;
  • telescopic crowns;
  • post crowns made of metal alloys, all ceramic or glass fiber;
  • acrylic prostheses;
  • partial frame dentures;
  • dentures with precision attachments (Rhein, Bredent, CEKA);
  • removable dentures with telescopic retainers or latches;
  • removable dentures on ball abutments or overdenture attachments.

Many-year clinical trials and research studies showed that implantology is modern dentistry’s best and safest method of replacing missing teeth. and implants most closely resemble natural teeth.

The most important advantage of dental implants is preservation of natural chewing abilities as chewing forces are transmitted through the implant to the bone. For patients, the replacement teeth provide comfort and convenience as they look, feel and function like natural teeth. Thus, it offers significant advantage over traditional removable dentures.

For patients who wish to undergo implant treatment in our clinic, professional care of an experienced dental implant surgeon is assured.

Our implant dental services include:

  • single-tooth implants,
  • multiple implants,
  • implants as supports for bridges and dentures.

Our state-of-the-art and clinically proven implant technologies provide safe and efficient management to our patients. We also offer a wide range of surgical procedures to prepare the patient for implantation, for example:

  • sinus floor lifting;
  • surgical regeneration of the bone;
  • restoration of soft tissue.

Oral surgery includes a wide range of procedures; not only tooth extractions, but also treatment of advanced periodontitis, management of teeth bone and soft tissue loss that is too extensive to qualify a patient for dental implants, are covered. In Ars Dentana we offer guided bone and soft tissue regeneration. Our surgeons strive for excellence in maxillary and mandibular alveolar reconstruction using artificial bone replacement materials.

Our dental surgery services include:

  • extraction of teeth including “wisdom” tooth;
  • removal of impacted teeth and retained roots;
  • root prying/drilling;
  • apical resection;
  • removal of root cysts;
  • hemisection, radectomy;
  • sinus floor lifting;
  • surgical regeneration of the bone;
  • restoration of soft tissue.

We offer warranty for our dental fillings and prosthetic works:

  • fillings – 4 years;
  • prosthetic restoration:
    • porcelain crowns – 3 years;
    • partial frame dentures – 2 years;
    • acrylic dentures – 1 year.
  • prostheses on implant abutments:
    • porcelain crowns – 3 years;
    • overdenture prostheses – 2 years.

Warranty claims may be filed provided all following warranty requirements are met:

  • patient undergoes professional oral hygiene programs and keeps dental check-up appointments in ArsDentana Dental Practice half-yearly;
  • patient undergoes fluoride in-office treatment during scheduled check-up appointments;
  • patient is regularly examined and all dental carries are treated (claims will be rejected if any carious lesions are found, even if involving other teeth).

Warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by:

  • inappropriate oral hygiene,
  • failure to adhere to doctor’s advice regarding handling dental prosthesis,
  • failure to keep scheduled appointments,

  • accidental damages,
  • natural loss of bone and periodontal lesions,
  • any corrective works provided by other dental facilities outside ArsDentana,

  • underlying diseases that have adverse effects on maxillary organ (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, post-radiation status, the use of cytostatic medications).


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